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Water heater repair & installation

 •We install and service all brands of hot water heater

 •Heating element and thermostat replacement

 •Hybrid type heater replacement


 •Shower valve repair and replacement including         handles  and shower head

 •Vanity faucets, pop-up assembly and drain leak repair. 

 •Garden tub faucet repair and replacement

 •Tub drain shoe and overflow repair and replacement

 •Shower liner/Pan replacement

 •Tub Replacement



 •Kitchen Faucet repair and replacement (all brand/model)

 •Garbage disposal replacement

 •Sink replacement

 •P-trap leak and waste arm drain repair

 •Faucet sprayer replacement

 •Basket strainer replacement

Plumber Fixing Sink
Pipe handle
Working Tools

Water piping repair & installation

Avoid yourself having a headache trying to figure out how to fix your plumbing problem. Let us do it for you! We provide quality work and we treat every houses as it is our own. 

Repair/replace/install plumbing fixtures​

We offer service from  main water line to all plumbing fixtures in your bathrooms and kitchen. We install and repair all type and brand of faucets, toilets, garbage disposal and dishwasher

Troubleshooting leaks and clogs in sinks, toilets ,faucets, bathtubs, sewer pipes

Having a clog drain could be a messy and smelly inside your house. Along with our expertise in the field of plumbing, we have all the right equipments and tools to tackle your drain cleaning needs. 


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